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Are Children welcome at the festival and do they need a ticket?
Children are welcome to attend the festival with an adult. The admission price for everyone 10 and under will be only $10 per day when accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age. Advance children’s tickets will not be sold. Kid’s tickets will be available at the at the admission gate the day of the show. Everyone 11 and older must have a regular admission ticket.

What do VIP Tickets include?
VIP admission will include the following features; unlimited entry and re-entry to the festival at any time, admission to the VIP viewing area near the stage, free food, beer, water and soft drinks in the Allen Hyundai VIP Tent and use of a VIP restroom area. This VIP Weekend Pass is being sold on a first come first serve basis. You MUST have a VIP ticket to gain access to the VIP Area, this includes children under 10. 

Why does my ticket show a row and seat number if it’s a festival?
Ticketmaster requires those numbers for accounting purposes. It’s a General Admission Festival, except for VIP tickets where chairs will be provided to be moved about in the VIP area. But, neither area will have row or seat numbers. We apologize for any confusion and will be working with Ticketmaster to get that corrected in the future.

Should I bring a lawn chair?
Lawn chairs are welcome but, most festival-goers will be standing during performances. So, an unrestricted sit-down view of the stage isn’t guaranteed. Some acts may require a “non-chair” area near the front of the stage.

What are some of the festival rules?
Have fun! That’s rule number one, but for the safety and well-being of all there are a few other rules. No outside food, drink, or coolers will be allowed. No weapons or video cameras allowed. Someone with a General Admission ticket may leave the festival and return before 6pm. People with a VIP ticket may leave the festival and return at any time. For a list of prohibited items, click here.

What kind of beverages will be available inside the festival area?
Our co-sponsors are Corona, Miller Lite and Pepsi and they will be supplying a great line up of drinks to enjoy! Beer, soft drinks, and water will be sold throughout the festival area at reasonable prices.

How do I locate the festival on my GPS?
You’ll get closest to the public entrance by entering 805 20th Ave. Gulfport, MS. We tried this on several different mapping services and it seems to give us a consistent return.

Where can I park?
CTA is offering parking in the parking garage at 2015 15th Street for $5 which includes a shuttle ride to the front gates of the festival. The shuttle will pick up passengers at the north side entrance of the garage starting at 3pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday.